Project Philosophy

RLK Engineering understands that every project requires a significant amount of coordination not only with the client, architect, and other design team members but also with the local, state, and federal authorities that have jurisdiction over each project site. Your project is no different and RLK Engineering is committed to working very closely with all parties involved and having jurisdiction from conceptual design, through construction, to project occupancy. Ongoing coordination throughout a project is absolutely necessary to understand and resolve various challenges and issues unique to each project. This also ensures compliance with local, state and federal requirements while providing the best possible final product.

Throughout the years RLK has gained a full understanding that even though many projects are similar, each and every project is different with its own unique challenges and requirements. That being said, RLK will never use a "cookie cutter" approach to complete any project.

We feel very strongly that our commitment to excellence, extensive experience and unique project approach set us apart from other engineering firms. RLK Engineering is prepared to work directly with its client and their design team as well as city staff and leaders, citizens, property owners, contractors, and utility companies to provide a project by which everyone involved can be proud.

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